How much does it cost to advertize my show?
Simple Record Show listings are FREE! Submit your show here.

I know of a certain show, but I don’t see it in the schedule?
It may be that the promoter has not listed the next one yet.

I Don’t Have E-mail, but you require it to list my show?
Your E-mail is used for keeping track of your UNIQUE show, Some of you might not have an e-mail address yet! Yes there are a few. All the forms on this site require one. If you really dont have one, you can use your name (in all small letters), followed by an “@” followed by “notavalidemail”. Be sure not to put in any spaces! The final result that you should type in if your name is John Smith is: johnsmith@notavalidemail.com (If you use this, your listing will be very carefully verified).